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There’s no question your company will benefit from fresher, cleaner air! When you hire HTS Texas for industry-leading commercial IAQ services in San Antonio, TX, your employees will thank you for it. Studies have shown that the health of building occupants can be significantly improved with better air quality.  The Gold Standard in San Antonio, TX IAQ Services and More…  Many corporations and companies (of all sizes) hire us to make sure their indoor air quality is exemplary. We’ve installed high tech air filtration systems for over 20 years in Canada, the United States and Texas in particular. We’re proud to say that we’ve designed and installed these systems in the buildings of Fortune 500 companies!  In addition to leading the way in modern commercial IAQ services in San Antonio, TX, HTS Texas has implemented HVAC and related systems for decades. Here are some examples of our popular building automation services:
  • Central Plant Control Systems
  • Laboratory Airflow Control Systems
  • Critical Application Control Systems
  • Pressure Control Systems
  • Building and Energy Management Control Systems
From new construction to retrofitting, HTS Texas has the experience and the highly qualified technicians to implement your important San Antonio, TX, IAQ services.  Commercial Air Quality Solutions  We offer four main air quality solutions:
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization: The rate of reduction of human coronavirus with our Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization is up to 90%! With this system, ions attach to particles and are more easily removed from your environment.
  • UV Germicidal Irradiation: Shortwave ultraviolet energy is highly effective in cleaning your indoor air. This method inactivates viral, bacterial and fungal organisms.
  • Polarized Media Filtration Systems: These filtration products have up to 99% effective rates at arresting viruses and are used in high-impact medical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Modular IAQ Sensor Solutions: Collect and store real-time data about the quality of your indoor air. You may observe a multitude of parameters concerning your air quality and compare them over time.
At HTS Texas, we pride ourselves on being the standout leader in commercial indoor air quality innovation. Let us improve your working environment and productivity!  Contact Us for IAQ Solutions in San Antonio, TX  We’re ready to answer your technical questions today!  Please call us today at (832) 328-1010 or use our convenient online contact form to clarify any points on the importance of clean air for your business.

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