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As you may know, HTS was conceived by 5 of the most successful salesmen from “Company T”. In 1992, Direct Digital Controls were truly becoming mainstream. The founders of HTS knew that to be successful in the HVAC business, integrating controls & automation into the equipment offering would be crucial to the success of the new young company.

We chose to partner with Johnson Controls in their “NS Distributor” program. We didn’t fit the mold of a controls parts distributor, so when Johnson Controls unveiled their “ABCS Contractor” program, we were one of the earliest signees.

Under the ABCS Contractor program, HTS Engineering became familiar with the Metasys product line. Over the years, we have seen many hardware iterations – Companion, PMI / NCM’s, M3, N30, M5, and finally the current Extended Architecture. Each product change brought about new technology, new features, and new challenges for the Controls group.

In 2012, we chose to initiate our own product change. With over $100,000,000 in installed control systems in Ontario alone, we selected Alerton as our new product line. With the backing of Honeywell and their Global Engineering Services, we are excited to begin using the Alerton BACtalk control system.

Since its birth in 1981, Alerton has been an industry leader. In 1985, they launched the industry’s first intelligent zone sensor, a feature now so common it is difficult to imagine a DDC system without one. In 1996 Alerton was a pioneer in the development of BACnet with their first BACnet product – BACtalk, the industry leading native BACnet control system. 2003 saw Alerton acquired by Novar, and subsequently Novar was acquired by Honeywell in 2005. So in 2012, HTS Engineering finds itself with a new and powerful partner – Alerton a division of Honeywell International.

Alerton’s integrated solutions contain many unique gems in the controls’ industry. The “VLD” controller shown here (a discerning eye may notice a certain similarity to the “Vision Pro” thermostat by Honeywell…) is a revolutionary product. A fully programmable BACnet controller, it can be custom configured to perform any sequence of operation. The individual LCD display units and virtual buttons can be similarly programmed to interact with the custom sequence. Perfect for custom applications where user operation is required with time clock precision.

Nothing shouts out the Green Building message like an Educational Dashboard. Dashboards can be integrated into your building automation, but it can be a difficult affair. Usually these are set up by 3rd party IT specialists and web designers with little knowledge of HVAC or energy consumption. Alerton’s Energy Dashboard is a uniquely integrated solution that displays energy usage in an easy to use format. What do your visitors want to see? Kilograms of carbon saved? Number of equivalent cars off the road? If you can imagine it, the dashboard can display it on a large screen in your lobby. Studies have shown up to 5% energy savings simply by having the information available to all building users!

So what are you waiting for? Call your HTS Engineering sales representative for more information on our latest offering. We’ll look forward to Delivering Real Success on your next project.