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HTS Logistics

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We are involved in about 20,000 shipments per year, excluding automated courier shipments.

We attribute our accuracy and success to two main qualities: our systems and our attention to detail.  We are committed to providing outstanding customer service.

Our best resource is our team of dedicated staff.  We currently have 25 team members – warehouse, administrative staff and our drivers.

Our 45,000 sq ft warehouse is utilized for local deliveries.  We have a secure yard that can house 10 trailers and leased space outside for overflow. The warehouse records every item in and out and is tracked daily. We can depend on knowing where everything is at any given time – this information is always available to you. We have an integrated freight and warehousing system that supports our business from supplier pick up to site deliver.

Over the past 7 years we have grown significantly.  We started off as a very small department completely reliant on outside carriers.

In addition to our outstanding human resources, we have a vast array of equipment to support our business: cars, vans, small cube trucks, medium cube trucks, and tractors with highway trailers and flatbeds.

Catchment Area

Map of US and Ontario

We deliver to clients in the Greater Toronto Area as well as across North America.

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