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At HTS Ontario, we know your tenants depend on HVAC systems for many reasons. This is an area of day-to-day operations where building managers cannot afford to make a mistake. We have a proven track record and a respected name throughout Canada and the United States. Trusted Toronto Commercial HVAC Maintenance How do we provide exceptional service to building owners, engineer and facilities managers? It starts with personnel. Our HVAC technicians train 40 hours per year, minimum, to stay updated on the latest in logistics. They are the best in the business! Another key part of the equation is reliable equipment. We use trusted brand names and OEM parts for your important systems. And when it comes to Toronto commercial HVAC maintenance, we include an attractive three-month labor warranty. We also have extensive relationships with the most respected brands in HVAC equipment, which means we can obtain hard-to-find parts quickly. Premiere Toronto Heating System Repair Even with the best HVAC systems, there is occasionally a need for repair. HTS Ontario stands head and shoulders above the competition because of our experience in designing and installing HVAC systems. When you’ve done all aspects of Toronto heating system repair, you’re well prepared to solve problems quickly and prevent them from recurring. Here are additional reasons our customers hire us:
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Available every single day of the year.
  • Access OEM parts quickly and easily.
  • Proven experts at logistics in HVAC.
  • Winning awards every year for decades.
  • Track record of highly satisfied clients.
  • Experience with many different types and sizes of buildings.
When it comes to expert commercial HVAC repair in Toronto, we’re the industry leaders and we work hard to keep it that way.

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