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Your building requires a Toronto commercial HVAC service provider that has a track record of quality workmanship. HTS Ontario has won awards, every year, for decades due to our outstanding technicians and customer service. We’ve designed and installed just about every configuration of commercial HVAC system you can imagine. And we just keep getting better. Premier Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Toronto As your dedicated Toronto commercial HVAC service provider, we’re committed to optimal operations for your building. Whether you’re a building owner, facilities manager, contract engineer or architect, you know the importance of a reliable and robust HVAC system. HTS Ontario is not only committed to design and installation, but, also, to cooling tower inspections and general operation inspections that ensure the following:
  1. Continuous operation of your HVAC systems.
  2. The healthy longevity of your HVAC equipment.
  3. Maintaining the precise parameters of temperature / humidity ranges.
  4. Preventing problems before they arise.
Regular cooling tower and operations inspections are necessary for your operations. This is particularly true during cooling and heating season startups. We provide these, and other, specialized services to bolster the integrity of your commercial HVAC system. Your Dependable Toronto Industrial Heating System Company You can depend on the qualified experts at HTS Ontario. We have decades of experience to inform all of our unsurpassed workmanship. Our technicians train an extra 40 hours per year to stay on top of all current trends in logistics. Here are some other excellent reasons to choose us:
  1. 24/7, 365 days a year availability.
  2. 3-month warranties on labor.
  3. Fast access to needed OEM parts.
  4. Fully stocked showrooms all over Canada and the United States.
  5. Relationships with factories of all major name brands in HVAC.
When it comes to your building… experience and quality count!

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