Refrigerant Phase-Outs: Explained and Untangled Webinar

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About this Webinar

January 2024 marked the beginning of the HVAC industry’s rapid, widespread and complex refrigerant transition. Many States now have bans on the use of R-410a and R-134a (and others) in air-cooled chillers, already impacting what can and can’t ship in different States. The first round of national level bans on similar refrigerants by the EPA is also now less than a year away (1/1/2025), heavily impacting any project with construction completion dates of 2025 and beyond. The details and specifics of these rules along with their conflict with our building codes are causing confusion and challenges in the industry. Furthermore, yet another set of national level bans are set to begin one year later (1/1/2026), with even greater conflict with our building codes.

HTS, DXS, and some of our key manufacturers have been heavily involved in this major industry transition for many years, including involvement in ASHRAE standards and technical committees, as well as discussions with industry groups and associations (AHRI, EPA, ETL, ICC, IAPMO, Building Code Agencies, State and Federal representatives and more). Despite efforts by each of these groups, this refrigerant transition still presents the market with uncertainty and conflict, impacting many projects mechanically, structurally, electrically, and architecturally.

The goal of this presentation is to connect the dots and answer as many questions as possible by sharing everything we know and learned thus far. We invite participants from all corners of the industry, from engineers to contractors, building owners, facility managers, energy professionals, and architects. We intend to share our recommendations on how to address current and future designs to alleviate risks associated with these rules. We will also layout the refrigerant strategies from different manufacturers from around the world, and the resulting options for multiple applications.

HTS and DXS have one of North America’s largest and most comprehensive manufacturer lineup in the HVAC industry, most of whom use refrigerants of some form. We will use our unique and diverse perspective on the topic to educate as best we can, and to answer as many questions as we can.

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