Distech Controls ECLYPSE BACnet/IP


ECLYPSETM Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Controller Series, and ENVYSION responsive, web-based design and visualization interface, provide powerful connectivity, and advanced control, monitoring, and analysis, for your Internet of Things building.

The ECLYPSE controller series utilize BACnet/IP and IT standards, delivering empowered IP connectivity and open integration with building management systems. Choose wired IP, Wi-Fi, or combine both on the same controller to suit the building’s infrastructure, architecture, and layouts.

  • BTL Listed as BACnet Building Controllers, with embedded schedules, alarms and trend logs
  • All models available with embedded ENVYSION web-based graphic design and visualization interface, for local hosting of application and monitoring graphics

  • Simultaneous support of wired IP and Wi-Fi (Access point, client, hotspot), including support of Wi-Fi bridge. Two Ethernet ports allow controllers to be wired in daisy-chain topology and enable an STP loop-free topology configuration for redundancy and increased reliability

  • Advanced, built-in security features and authentication services, for robust IP-based implementation

  • Embedded support of BACnet MS/TP routing to IP, BACnet Discovery, and Modbus integration, to cost-effectively connect meters, VFDs and other devices without additional gateways

  • Simplify navigation from one ECLYPSE Connected controller to another with SSO capabilities, allowing just one ECLYPSE controller to manage the authentication process for an entire network of ECLYPSE devices. By leveraging distributed ENVYSION graphics, this new capability truly enables forming a distributed system.

  • Support of Smart Room Control solution, for unified HVAC, Lighting and shades/sunblind control

  • Daisy-chain support of Allure™ Communicating Sensor series